Push technology

Solution 1: now sockets


Solution 2: pusher

Using the best simplest technique trigger PHP and JS script to achieve the push result.

Solution 3: just the traditional techniques

You cannot push data to a browser, but what you can do is set up your webpage to poll your server every few seconds for updates. An example setup would be:

From within your website, have a javascript function that runs on a timer every few seconds (or whatever interval works best for your situation).

Start that timer on page load.

That javascript function invokes an AJAX call to a web service on your web server (more on that in a second).

On the server side you’ll need some sort of system that tracks these events and stores them somewhere such as in a database table with a timestamp. So for example when XYZ creates an account, that would be logged in this “event” table in the db.

The web service called by the AJAX call will then run a query on that table and retrieve all entries since the last time it was called. Then just update the webpage with those results.

It’s obviously not 100% “live” as there will be a small delay depending on what time interval you set in the JS timer but it’s pretty close.

Solution 4. FULL example for this kind of setup