Chief CVP Bian Ann: Ten years of sword, with Cocos to create VR chess entertainment city!

Recently, a Cocos engine to create the VR chess game hall “Dream City” surfaced, the game based on GearVR experience, has now achieved the function of mahjong, follow-up is also said to Texas Hold’em to other diversified variety Chess game, social system will also be added.

Develop real VR commercial products based on Cocos! Who dares to do this? I think we are not familiar with the R & D team, they are CocoaChina co-organized with the “Cocos development VR hackers loose,” “Flint town” of small partners. Today, we invited the “Flint town” founder, chief CVP Bian, talk to us behind the story!

Thirteen years of gaming industry fought: from end to hand swim to the VR

“I started learning from the machine learning machine, in college when the bubble is also in the library game programming every day, or learning C language in the DOS development of the game, then purely love the game development, and later saw DirectX There is a feeling that the use of DDraw to build a full-screen window on the super cool! Also built their own game programming site, gather a vote developers engage in game programming competitions, weekly awards, their money to buy prizes. The beginning of the rise of graduation in 2003 have not thought about their own when the development of the game will really be a career, but it as a hobby, after graduation to find a website development work, but fortunately soon met a game company recruit people, So immediately defected to go to become a professional game programmers.

Bian An said, “because the company is doing 3D end-project, I was also at that time began to learn 3D engine.Learn for some time, also participated in the days of fine digital contest” game elite contest “, submitted My first 3D game, “Red child 3D Tetris”, eventually won the finalists and 2000 yuan prize. “Although after this team left Zhengzhou, but this time he has a firm understanding of their own future this road . In 2005 he and his colleagues came to Beijing to find an opportunity to join Beijing soft star technology, participated in the monopoly and many other projects. 08 by the end of a friend invited to leave the business, a year later joined the infinite time and space team to undertake self-research 3D engine team formation and research and development work in infinite time and space is five years, but this five years for his 3D engine architecture design and Tools have in-depth master.

In 2012, Bian An attention to the rise of hand tour and Cocos2d-x engine popular, began to study Cocos2d-x. As a 3D engine developers, he relied on the engine more in-depth research experience for the Cocos2d-x prepared a lot of detailed and in-depth tutorials, and developed a set of easy game development engine tools, and soon got a large number of developers sought after. So he resigned from the project after a period of work, concentrate on writing tutorials and engine tools at home, while also taking care of 3-year-old daughter. Although this day seems very Kaopu, but he felt very motivated, and very substantial. He firmly believed that his own efforts would not be in vain. Six months later, his tool was launched touch technology acquisition, he was invited to become the touch technology Cocos engine and tools director. “Think of that period of time, the pressure is quite big, but fortunately his wife support, I can eventually end up with a good result, huh, huh.”

The idea that the big companies should be safe and stable work. But this day only persist for a year, Bian An out on their own venture to do a business tour. “For me, touch is a very good company. I contact people have a very good vision and ability, especially people are very good, they also recognized me, gave me a lot of help. I think I should try to start a business, try to make their own more mature, I hope I can have a 30-year-old entrepreneurial experience, but now think about it, I was still too impulsive. “Has been responsible for doing the engine and technology , So not sensitive to the market, coupled with too confident, did not find investment in the case of a few partners and have the dream of entrepreneurship created the “Flint town.”

By the end of 2014 investment market has actually been getting cold, the blind start their own start in a passive, basically there is no way to financial resources, can only rely on some friends and companies to take some hard money, but unfortunately, cooperation in music The rhythm of the final project because the partners unable to solve the problem of music copyright can not be successfully on-line, and the original wanted to do their own products and no money to do so, the capital behind the team is stretched more and more difficult. “In June last year, because the hand travel market feedback is not ideal, financing is also in the winter, we thought a lot, but in fact, some problems are not technology can solve, or essentially, I admit that before me Game products This is a newcomer, do not understand how to operate a market demand in line with the hand travel products, just understand the engine development can not solve the practical problems, I actually more suitable for a hand tour team CTO or for the team to find a more in line with their own situation When I realized that, I immediately decided to dismiss the team.

After the dissolution of Bian’s team left only three brothers, we still want to find the direction together, from the H5 to the video game to VR, AR. Until then a departing art colleague brought them a message: Ant has a novel idea of technology, they want a device called VR helmet to do a war game, want them to talk about whether the past Are interested in their hands before the tour DEMO “fire King Kong” revision to the VR device.

“Because 15 years just to catch up with the memory of the victory of the 70th anniversary of the war, we have a project before the colleagues in the new company to play when the leadership is seen, they feel very consistent with the current events, We can talk about them in the past, we have experienced in the eyes of the VR as the helmet, understand their needs, the feeling can try, we hit it off, so we each other under the guidance of overtime in the week Time to change the game out of a VR version, and on September 3 the same day on the line ants as platform, looks like it is still recommended above it! Bian An said with a smile.

VR game for mild: immersion is very important

After the completion of the “fire King Kong”, Bian and his team found the opportunity, “First of all, VR is the need to master the 3D engine, and we have 3D engine development background, in technology selection is very advantageous, , VR game is very small, the lack of competition, and hardware vendors in the growing trend in demand for rapid growth.We turn to VR, I think at this stage is to eliminate certain product operating experience gap, as long as the sense of experience to do a good play , They should have the opportunity, at least, at this stage can accumulate certain resources. “So they try to make a similar play hamster games” pumpkin defense “and time-based scoring system of money games” treasure house “and soon The storm technology, Nanjing Rui Yue, big friends VR and many other hardware manufacturers business cooperation intention, but also by the touch technology investment and Coca-Cola VR research and development cooperation.

“VR did not expect so soon on the fire! We had the project to fight zombie game, the results of a look at the situation, I would like to stop it .. Playing zombie games are often the preferred theme VR games, too many competing products produced within the short term , We feel that the idea should be more open, and more to see more interesting direction.Also because of the touch of financial support, we have to use Cocos to develop VR games have more confidence and motivation. Bian An specifically for this in the CSDN for all Cocos developers recorded a set of learning video, to teach him in 3D and VR on some of the development experience, and co-CocoaChina jointly organized a “Cocos development VR game hackers loose” Free development experience will be hands-on to those who are interested in Cocos programmers to help them complete within 48 hours of a VR game, and also invited to participate in TFC and Cocos Developer Conference for sharing.

In the analysis of various types of games, he thought of starting from the chess. “In the current VR equipment C-side is not up the big environment, do VR team is not easy to profit, ambitious words at this stage is unrealistic.You want to do some very good project, you need a lot of capital support , Which is very difficult.We should be based on market rules, first do some small, slightly some of the projects will be done in all aspects of the game is relatively complete, and then step by step development of the market.Chess game itself is not difficult to develop, But the viscosity and pay are better than the other is the VR card for the chess card experience has greatly improved, allowing the player as if in the entertainment room and other characters interact, think is still very interesting.One thing, because I was responsible for Cocos3D engine development, so we can do in the Cocos 2D board directly on the VR mode or VR room, which will be independent of other VR team, a unique point.

Since the direction of the set, we began to start the development of new games. “We have so many years of R & D experience to ensure that the development of the game technology is not much difficulty, mainly to see how the existing conditions in Cocos to experience and performance to do better.” In the entire gaming experience, players Inside the chess room, the interior decorations and televisions are interactive, and widescreen televisions can play different programs depending on your choice. There are three beautiful girls to accompany the game to play, modeling is not the same, the game you can always choose the next door into the locker room to change the beauty of the shape. Including clothing and hair.

In the turn of the player cards, you only need to use the direction of the head to pick the card you want to play, and then touch the GearVR’s touchpad on it, you can touch the bar or when there will be a very obvious mark, the whole The process is quite convenient, there is no difficult problem to get started. “We give the players a real mahjong to create a private room, try to do a great environment, the characters are also very beautiful, there are real voice, players can have a better sense of immersion when playing cards.

Of course, after the victory will have close-up view of the dance and increase the NPC’s favorability and other incentives, the increase in degree of goodwill can unlock more clothing and action.

Flint town in the production of this game also studied a lot of people usually play when a series of actions. “Although we can not do so fine in the game, but I think it is necessary to seize the chess user, then their actions to do more natural is very important.We are investigating action capture system, if easy to use, may consider the purchase of a , We hope the beauty of the action and dance can be more natural and true.

Traditional cards and chess games on the market have a wide range of user groups and mature business model, if the chess gameplay itself can attract players, then the development of chess game will certainly have a VR version of the market. Bian An said, “Our game is different from the market now on the shooting class or decryption game, chess game close to the life of middle-aged users, they are more acceptable, you can tell them that this is mahjong, not what other They wear glasses and usually play mahjong to receive the information will be the same, so they will not conflict, and the operating mode and reality in almost, and even we can use the action recognition and voice recognition and other input, These things are easy for the elders at home to receive these things.

Of course, there will be a market competition, Bian also admitted that may encounter great challenges “We are now the advantage of technology, operations, we are inferior, so we have the ability and experience through the chess team may be better . Chess and fire may also be someone to get involved in this piece, but you have to think so, they do VR card is completely re-do, the user also needs to develop and our own R & D is already very experienced, Coupled with the chess platform cooperation, the platform is the accumulation of old users, which is better than starting from scratch to do these too much, so I am full of confidence in this game!

“ChinaJoy we will display in the touch technology booth, as the current domestic CocosVR game products on behalf of, hoping to do a good job for the Pre-A financing to do some preparation, and hope that interested players will come to experience our players The product.”

When the interview ended, “Flint town,” the small partners warmly invited us to a meal, a small studio, and everyone sitting together eating their own meals. Bian An told us: “In fact,” food “is a town with VR characteristics of the restaurant!

Finally, we also wish “Flint town” getting better and better! Also look forward to more small partners to join CVP most valuable expert team