Stunned: Chinese mobile games are not allowed to appear in the English alphabet


Require the use of standardized simplified Chinese characters

Feedback from a number of game CPs (developers) shows that the English alphabet will be strictly forbidden in Chinese domestic handsets.

With the July 1 hand tour the implementation of the new regulations, the domestic CP business in accordance with the provisions of the requirements of their products for trial. Some companies have found that their game can not pass the examination of the reason turned out to be, the game uses English.
In a reply to reporters in the approval to see the game failed trial, and the problem is the use of the first English. Approval comments said: “The game combat interface and help interface using the” SP “,” HP “,” RingOut “and other non-decorative English.It is recommended that the game company in accordance with the relevant provisions of the national text revised to Simplified Chinese fonts.

SP, HP These acronyms are commonly used game terminology, in the game player group is a routine usage. Although the approval of comments only “recommendations”, but dare to ignore this “proposal” of the game company probably not established. In addition, the automatic combat “AUTO” and the upgrade prompt “level up” are also not allowed to review the views of all require the use of standard simplified Chinese characters.


Another company said the same situation, the approval does not allow their views of the game “mission start”, “missin complete” this English, even the game level appears in the “warning” icon also does not allow.

There are companies that did not own trial of the game because there is “GO”, “Lucky” such as English, also was asked to update the game, do not allow the use of “new” as a reminder

The most surprising is that a game because there is a “props × 1” such a statement, there is no trial, and the reason is because of which there “X” words.

Judging from these circumstances, the ban for the English abbreviation of the game is extremely strict, has reached the point of barren. CP has been said that the future of the estimated poker game can only be made this way:


Some other feedback shows that not only English abbreviations, traditional characters, and words with violent colors such as “kill” and so are also prohibited. Game teahouses recommended that all manufacturers before the trial, do self-examination work, it is best to completely eliminate the use, so as not to delay time.

This is not the first time a similar situation. In April 2010, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television had issued a circular to the CCTV, asked the host broadcast, interviews and subtitles, can no longer use such as NBA, GDP, WTO, CPI and other foreign languages and acronyms, Triggering hot friends Tucao. But today, this provision seems to have been in name only, all kinds of English acronym is still a large number of appear in our daily life.

But for the Chinese game company, how to pass this immediate, is the most important.