Banking Fraud Prevention

Modern fraudsters are more sophisticated than ever. They’re well-funded, well-educated and well-organized. They go into offices, sit at their desks and get to business.. Make no mistake about it – they take their job seriously, and their job is to steal your customers’ money.

Making matters worse, modern banking systems are exceedingly complex. Our banking fraud prevention systems were built for a simpler time. Reputation lists, rules engines and rudimentary analytics approaches are only good at catching simple fraud that follows predictable patterns. But the modern fraudster is anything but predictable. They test and reverse engineer your fraud prevention defenses, constantly evolving and evading detection. As a result, most current approaches to banking fraud prevention are inherently antiquated.

Unsupervised Analytics: True Prevention

DataVisor is the first company to deploy unsupervised machine learning at a massive scale to help banking fraud prevention teams. Our approach flips the problem on its head – we don’t rely on prior knowledge of attack patterns. By definition, we stay ahead of the fraudsters and help you prevent banking fraud, not just clean up the damage after it happens.

Our approach is:

  • Preventative, not reactive.
  • Easy to deploy.
  • Massively scalable.
  • Broader in scope.
  • Real-time decision friendly.
  • Highly accurate.