Flash Game Monoploy Hunter

Code name monoploy hunter was developed in 2006.

Major features are included:

  • character selection
  • unlock items for level up
  • building up level
  • in-game zoom in and out
  • turns rotate
  • character animations


Innovative design and the first monoploy game on flash platform and developed in FLASH. Took about 3 months to complete the most basic interface and implementations.

By using railing technique, each character has been serialized into one single rail for all steps. Systematically generating each character’s movement from every single dice result.

Additional features:

  • Computer-Computer
  • Human-Computer
  • Custom Color
  • Custom characters
  • 2 set of maps
  • sets of magic cards
  • Save / Load
  • Background configurations
  • BGM (Background Music) control
  • Auto zoom in/out from turn to turn
  • Personal bank account
  • On-land battle for no rent payments
  • On-land upgrade properties from a schedule of building levels
  • PDF Download

Get educated from HTML5 and Flash involvment

You’ve probably heard a lot of noise in the press, blogs, twitter, etc. about HTML 5. You’ve probably also heard how its new video and animation capabilities combined with other cool HTML 5 features is going to be the death of Flash, right? As a technical evangelist for Adobe, I obviously know a lot about the capabilities of Flash, but I also have invested a lot of time getting up to speed on HTML 5 so I could fully understand the debate and separate fact from noise. I’ve been in this field long enough to see several religious technology debates come and go, so I tend to be very pragmatic when it comes to technology shifts. I’ve also learned over the years to stay very educated on key topics, deal only with facts I can confirm myself, and rely on neither marketing BS nor sensationalism in the press.
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