POPBEE 是一本網上雜誌,成立於2008年。網站內容包涵時裝、美妝、科技等來自不同地方的最新潮流資訊,每天不停更新。我們深信時尚能把不同地方的人連在一起,從網頁到手機程式,我們希望把熱愛時尚的朋友聚在一起發掘更多時尚樂趣,歡迎各位每天和我們一起品味生活,一同成長。通過這個 App, 你可以獲取最新、最熱門的時尚話題。文章、視頻、照片等內容即時更新,你可以隨時隨地無障礙地閱讀 POPBEE 所有文章。


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POPBEE is a web magazine founded in 2008. Its editorial content covers trending news in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and more from different parts of the world, all of which is continuously updated on the daily. We deeply believe that fashion brings people together from different walks of life, so we have transitioned to mobile in the hopes of nurturing our readers’ love of fashion and uncovering more gems along the way.

Through the POPBEE App, you can follow the latest and greatest happenings in the world of fashion. Use the app as a portal to access the full wealth of editorial, photo and video content of the POPBEE web platform anytime and anywhere you wish.


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