Games/App Project

Eating all in Hong Kong – mobile app interface design

  • Mid-level data management.
  • Designed with web 2.0 integrations.
  • Low profile wrapping technique.

HKM Connect – mobile app interface

  • Internal maintenance interface.
  • Automated product distributions.
  • Wired controls.

Flickr API dragging gallery (2010)


  • on-going development and updates
  • built a small shopping cart in connection to external websites (ex. paypal)

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Build-in Apps visualization enhancement

One site application:
Ticket buying and selling system

Ticket system is the major integrations with flash. It has been developed with dynamic graphics using natural numbers and sliding technique, so you will not see the same pieces positioned at the exact position again.

Flash Design and Database Integrations

Flash Alarm Clock

That’s another flash based alarm clock comes with mp3 options and you can hide it under the dock.
Design I

Design II

CD Disc mp3 player Design

Using the actual compact disc (CD) to visualize “play a music a disc”

Applications on Air. mp3 player alarm clock V2 Design II (2006)

Flipped to the back where you can see the configurations will be like this.

After contracting the whole panel, the clock can be minified like this.

Application for password keeping (2005)

This handy app can keep all your password in one little place and stored inside the xml file. Of course, you don’t want to share that xml file with anyone and named the file in a secret way.

Monoploy Game in AS2

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Index Cards for Procrastination (2006)

This Index card system comes with a flipping deck and some wire xml files. You will able to study the vocabularies, read the definition alone, or test yourself with time limitations in 15 sec. This handy app is amazing and it can be implemented into iPhone or Androids upon request.  Students who like to take the last hour to study for the test, this would be an option. Learn more…

Robot customizations

A pure robot customization game that is customizing a robot and make small moving parts exchangeable.

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Small little battle system

Design I –

Design II – This system consist of dynamic characters arising from the game data.

Design III – positioning design