Applications are the foundation from which business processes are executed. Actively managing applications controls cost and provides the agility needed to quickly take advantage of increasingly faster paced business situations. Making evidenced based application decisions can be both daunting and risky. HKM Consulting has the experience, the data and the approaches that result in predictable and desired business outcomes.


We understand the key issues you are facing.

  • High costs of managing multiple disparate applications
  • High costs of managing multiple technology stacks
  • High reliance on subject matter experts
  • Need for improved business productivity
  • Increasing application defect rates
  • COTS verses Custom decisions
  • Current development and maintenance costs versus peers
  • Escalating application development costs
  • Lots of data but little information to support decisions


We have the data, tools and capabilities to help.

  • Application Portfolio Analysis and Health Checks
  • Application Development and Deployment Assessments and Strategies
  • Application Integration / SOA Strategy and Roadmaps
  • Application Life Cycle Management Tools and Strategies
  • Legacy Modernization
  • Solution Architecture quality assessments
  • Technology Portfolio Assessments and Strategies
  • Productivity Benchmarking
  • Maintenance Benchmarking
  • Development peer comparisons
  • Systems Development Lifecycle Assessments and Strategies
  • Developing agile development approaches