Monoploy Map Editor action JS realtime

Now will enabled people to make their own map for this monoploy game with a few click. You can easily save the map with this map source code and import the map into the progress anytime anywhere.


MapEditor features:

  • Editing map for all of these buildings
  • Path editing
  • Erase items on the map
  • import and export the map code

Now in testing mode.

Crazy Jump Mini Game


A new game with the idea to just touch the screen and gain the rhythm control.  Mobile and browser are both supported.


  • url reply play game experience
  • unlimited levels
  • generated character features each game play experience is unique


Procrastination Cards

Index Fresh Cards for Procrastination (2006)

This Index card system comes with a flipping deck and some wire xml files. You will able to study the vocabularies, read the definition alone, or test yourself with time limitations in 15 sec. This handy app is amazing and it can be implemented into iPhone or Androids upon request.  Students who like to take the last hour to study for the test, this would be an option.
Features are included:

  • Random orders
  • Fading transitions
  • selective informations: vocabs / definitions

Flash Game Monoploy Hunter

Code name monoploy hunter was developed in 2006.

Major features are included:

  • character selection
  • unlock items for level up
  • building up level
  • in-game zoom in and out
  • turns rotate
  • character animations


Innovative design and the first monoploy game on flash platform and developed in FLASH. Took about 3 months to complete the most basic interface and implementations.

By using railing technique, each character has been serialized into one single rail for all steps. Systematically generating each character’s movement from every single dice result.

Additional features:

  • Computer-Computer
  • Human-Computer
  • Custom Color
  • Custom characters
  • 2 set of maps
  • sets of magic cards
  • Save / Load
  • Background configurations
  • BGM (Background Music) control
  • Auto zoom in/out from turn to turn
  • Personal bank account
  • On-land battle for no rent payments
  • On-land upgrade properties from a schedule of building levels
  • PDF Download

This Day of Jake Rodger's website

Two are two different websites for my high school.

Here are what I have done:

  • Animation
  • Interface design
  • Functional design
  • Graphic content delivery
  • Image design