6 iPhone Apps That Will Save You Money Now

Budgeting Apps

The first five iPhone apps on our list save money by keeping track of it. iPhone users can lock down their finances by seeing where all their cash is being spent, then making conscious choices to correct the flaws.

1. HomeBudget With Sync

The first of our iPhone apps that save money is the Home Budget With Sync budget app. This app helps users get control their spending. It’s also slick, fast, easy, intuitive and costs just $4.99. It can be synced across more than one device and across different platforms, so the whole family can keep track of spending goals and expenses in one place, from anywhere.

Users create their budget from pre-existing spending categories like groceries, gas, entertainment and so on, or create their own categories. The app’s home screen then displays a useful “at a glance” overview of how the family is doing, including a top level view of their accounts, bills, expenses and performance to goals. The app makes it easy to see how much the family (or family member) is spending per day as well as how much is budgeted per day, and the difference between the two.

2. Spendbook

The second on our list of iPhone apps that save money is the Spendbook app. Like HomeBudget, it saves money by helping users track their spending. Easy and fun, it provides a bird’s eye view of the budget on the main screen. The app allows recurring transactions and users can see their spending by day on the Spendbook calendar.

Ease of use takes this app from the realm of under the bed exercise machines into the world of truly saving money. The lack of a feature to batch-import a transaction history from bank records is a drawback. Also the app can’t sync budgets across multiple devices like iPhone, iPad and MacBook, making it a little bit of a challenge for family use.

7 best iphone apps money monitor 13. Money Monitor

#3 on our list of iPhone apps that save money is the Money Monitor app. This app tracks income, budgets and net worth. The handiest part of this app is its ability to show net worth going up and down by month. Tracking those changes right down to the nearest dollar earned or spent gives a good top-line picture of a user’s finances.

iPhone users can sync data across multiple iPhones, iPads and MacBooks for easy family use. There’s no way to enter batched bank records in this money saving app, but nonetheless it really does save money, based on the idea that what gets measured gets improved.

5 best budgeting apps tools pocket expense4. Pocket Expense Personal Finance

Here’s another iPhone app that saves money by helping with the user’s budget. For $4.99, the Pocket Expense Personal Finance app isn’t a bad option.

The app lets users see their net worth and recent transactions. Users can schedule bill payments, set up accounts and view reports with ease. The app allows cloud-syncing for family sharing. Drawbacks include no function for batch-import of bank transactions and no ability to create new spending categories.

5. BillGuard Money Tracking App and More

billguard iphone app save moneyNow called “Prosper Daily,” Forbes calls this top rated iPhone app “the best app to track your money.” It’s also on PCMag’s list of top free apps. No wonder. This great little app doesn’t just save money by helping iPhone users track their spending. It also packs a host of other gimmes, including:

  • Free credit score any time, any where, for any reason.
  • Suspicious activity alerts.
  • Premium identity theft protection. Save money by stopping it from getting sneaked from under you. Includes monitoring of all three credit reports and black market surveillance so you can see if any of your info has fallen into the wrong hands. Also comes with a cool $1 million in ID theft insurance.

6. Debt Free – Pay off Your Debt With the Snowball Method

Debt Free saves money for iPhone users who might have got in over their heads. This top selling finance app gives consumers a seamless, simple way to monitor, visualize and pay off debts. Charts and progress indicators keep you on track, while multiple payoff strategies can help create a solid debt repayment plan. The app syncs data across multiple devices, letting the debt snowball become a family effort. Built in financial calculators let users create projections so they can see just how long it’s going to take to tackle the debt monster in the living room. This iPhone app may only save money for those who don’t have any, but those are often the ones who need it most.


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