‘techie’ is an insult

Hurt techies complain that ‘techie’ is an insult

San Francisco’s techies are worried that the term has become so derogatory that it’s causing them pain. They would prefer “hacker” or, well, “maker.”

When words get twisted, feelings get trampled, ululations soar, and hearts descend to pitiful infernos — the flames only dampened by tears.

It’s happening all around San Francisco, Calif., and it’s very concerning. It seems that those who work in the tech community are raging. They feel they are being insulted and they want to disrupt the insults.

What is hurting them so? It’s the very word “techie.”



Continue to read at @ http://www.cnet.com/news/hurt-techies-complain-that-techie-is-an-insult/


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