Business analytics for industrial products

For sales and marketing

The rules of selling in the manufacturing market are changing. Every day, customers see more marketing from your competitors. Sales and marketing professionals have less time to get their message across. Yet you still have aggressive revenue goals to meet. Client’s Cognos software offers the sophisticated solutions that help you gain visibility into key customers, track campaign results, close more business and align resources with opportunities.

With HKM Cognos software, sales and marketing professionals can:

  • Identify the most profitable customers and fuel business performance: Gain immediate visibility into sales, monitor revenue and make sure targets are hit. HKM Cognos software helps you see the big picture and monitor the performance of individual territories. Pipelines and revenue are immediately accessible so that sales and marketing can take action to keep sales performance on track. Combined sales, product and finance information helps you identify your most profitable and productive products, channels and customers. Integrated S&OP solutions link demand and supply plans to maximize customer service.
  • Know how your marketing dollars are working in real-time: Get a 360-degree view of key marketing information, from campaign results and brand awareness to product mix by revenue and profitability. It gives sales and marketing professionals the power to transform data into strategic intelligence and take advantage of opportunities when they occur – instead of next quarter. Trade Promotion Management (TPM) solutions allow analysis of the best performing promotions, and this insight can be used to plan and execute programs that provide the greatest sales lift.
  • Align resources with marketing opportunity: Provide scorecards and at-a-glance dashboards to monitor sales metrics and drive boardroom strategy through to frontline execution. With HKM Cognos software, organizations can analyze sales performance across sales channels and provide the right product or service to the right customer through the channel the customer prefers.

Other sample sales and marketing indicators manufacturers can manage include:

  • Average sales price.
  • Campaign response.
  • Campaign ROI.
  • Cost/close.
  • Discount.
  • Highest demand by product/region.
  • Highest/lowest product profit.
  • Market analysis.
  • Market share.
  • Number of calls.
  • Number of customers.
  • Plan/forecast.
  • Ordered units.
  • Percent close.
  • Pipeline.
  • Profitability by product/customer.
  • Purchase patterns.
  • Purchase volume.
  • Responses.
  • Retention rates.
  • Returns.
  • Revenue per district.
  • Revenue per division.
  • Revenue per rep.
  • Rolling forecast.
  • Sales channel analysis.
  • Total exposures.

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