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This past week featured a ton of tutorials and two tons of new releases and updates. Of course, it also featured the Create the Web event by Adobe in San Francisco, which appears to have been a big success. If you missed the announcements and new tools, I did a full summary of the keynote.


David Walsh covers a number HTML5 APIs you may not have heard about already such as Element.classList, ContextMenu API and others.
5 HTML5 APIs You Didn’t Know Existed

Terrence Ryan shows how you can combine custom filters built with CSS FilterLab into animations created with Edge Animate.
Combining Edge Animate and CSS FilterLab

Louis Lazaris covers the default CSS Display values for a variety of HTML elements.
Default CSS Display Values for Different HTML Elements

Ben Alman explains the functional programming concepts of partial application and currying in JavaScript.
Partial Application in JavaScript

Johnny Simpson explains CSS3 conditional statements like @supports and @document.
CSS3 Conditional Statements

Part 2 of this series on advanced file uploading techniques covers how to react to a loss of connection during upload.
Advanced Uploading Techniques — Part 2

Justin Naifeh explains how to implement a hash map class in JavaScript.
Linking the Hash Map

Nicholas Zakas explains how ECMAScript 6 introduces sets for more efficient storing of ordered data.
ECMAScript 6 collections, Part 1: Sets

See how to create custom scrollbars using CSS in WebKit from David Walsh.
Custom Scrollbars in WebKit

Mary Lou creates a nice 3D restaurant menu concept using CSS 3D transforms.
3D Restaurant Menu Concept

Azik Samarkandiy uses CSS Shaders to create a 3D interactive globe demo using Google Maps.
Interactive Globe with CSS shaders & Google Maps

Chris Coyier breaks down how Hakim El Hattab’s receding background modal boxes work.
Receding Background Modal Boxes

Joe Zim begins a JavaScript fundamentals series by discussing how objects work.
JavaScript Fundamentals: Objects

Libraries and Frameworks

See how you can create custom slide transitions for Reveal.js using CSS Custom Filters by Alan Greenblatt.
Reveal.js with CSS Custom Filters


Raymond Camden continues his series on building a enabled PhoneGap app, creating the initial layout.
Building a Enabled PhoneGap App – Part 3

New and Updated Libraries and Frameworks

XLSX.js is a library that will allow you to read and write Excel-compatible XLSX files in JavaScript.

riffwave.js is a JavaScript library that can be used to play synthesized sounds with the HTML5 audio element.
HTML5 audio experiment – JavaScript sound synthesis and audio encoding

Verimail.js does email validation and verification in JavaScript, even offering suggestions for common typos.

Underscore.js 1.4.0 includes lots of new functions such as pairs, countBy, invert, where, omit and more.

PhantomJS 1.7 was released including better cookie handling, support for keyboard events and a module system.
PhantomJS 1.7 “Blazing Star” don’t code today what you can’t debug tomorrow

Ejecta is a fast JavaScript, Canvas and Audio implementation for iOS available as open source.
Ejecta – PhobosLab

Kube is a minimal CSS framework that is adaptive and responsive.
Kube Framework

lenticular.js is a really cool library for creating tilt-controlled images on mobile by Tom Giannattasio.
lenticular.js – tilt-controlled images

SproutCore 1.9 was released and includes a new color utility class that supports many color calculations and transformations, supports XMLHttpRequest Level 2 event listeners and more.
Announcing SproutCore 1.9!


If you missed Adobe’s Create the Web keynote, I break down all the highlights with links to more details and tutorials.
Adobe’s Create the Web Event and Announcements


Any comments?

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