10/27 css js

As you can see below, this was a busy week of tutorials and releases. We won’t bother with a lot of intro as you have tons of reading to do.


These pure CSS3 border transition effects look impressive but aren’t that hard to create.
Simple yet amazing CSS3 border transition effects

Barry Steyn explains the four function invocation patterns in JavaScript.
Javascript: Function Invocation Patterns

An extensive post by Quildreen Motta explaining OOP in Javascript and prototypical inheritance.
Understanding JavaScript OOP

TJ VanToll covers HTML5 constraint validation for implementing native client-side form validation.
Constraint Validation: Native Client Side Validation for Web Forms

A good look at ECMAScript 6 classes and how they differ from the current ways classes are implemented by Nicholas Zakas.
Does JavaScript need classes?

Anders Andersen explains an iOS 6 Safari meta tag called apple-itunes-app to indicate an app is available.
Did a meta tag just kill the mobile splash screen?

CJ Gammon discusses how the Graphical Web Experiment for the Create the Web tour was built with SVG, CSS3, SASS, Canvas and CSS Shaders.
The Graphical Web Experiment

Mihnea Ovidenie discusses the current state and future of CSS Regions and CSSOM.
A tale of CSS Regions and CSSOM: moving forward within the web community

Saravanan shares code to create an HTML5 image cropping tool using just JavaScript.
HTML5 Image crop tool without server side using javascript

Kianosh Pourian outlines the approach he takes in writing CSS for his projects.
How to write a well structured CSS – Part I

Jeff Friesen begins a series showing how to build a retro game in the browser.
Gaming: Battle on the High Seas, Part 1

Eoin McGrath discusses how to create a touch-enabled, browser-based mobile game.
How To Design A Mobile Game With HTML5

Libraries and Frameworks

Alex Young discusses Testacular, a JavaScript test runner being used by the AngularJS project.
Totally Testacular

Mohiuddin Parekh shows how to create a simple parallax scrolling technique using jQuery.
A Simple Parallax Scrolling Technique

A short quickstart for Mustache.js and jQuery.
Mustache.JS jQuery Quickstart

Pedro Botelho demos hows to use PFold, an experimental jQuery plugin for creating paper-like unfolding effects.
PFold: Paper-Like Unfolding Effect

Joe Zim shows how you can improve performance by delaying initialization of code and plugins with jQuery Delegation.
Delay Initialization with jQuery Delegation

Andrew Thorp gives this introduction to Backbone using the Backbone Biolerplate.
Building a Scalable App With Backbone.js


Holly Schinsky created this detailed tutorial to setup and use Apple Push Notifications in a PhoneGap application.
Tutorial: Apple Push Notifications with PhoneGap – Part 1

New and Updated Libraries and Frameworks

Meteor’s 0.5.0 release includes a new authentication and user accounts system.
Meteor 0.5.0: authentication, user accounts, new screencast

RSVP.js is a new library by Yehuda Katz that provides simple tools for organizing asynchronous code.

Jed Schmidt discusses the benefits of his DOM library called dom-o that allows you to write CSS and using JavaScript.
Rendering templates obsolete

jq-tiles creates a cool image slideshow using jQuery and CSS3 transitions.

HTML, CSS and JavaScript bootstrap files for creating applications with a Windows 8 look and feel.


The Brackets Sprint 15 Build includes a ton of new features such as HTML Live Reload and a new status bar.
Brackets Sprint 15 Build

Peter Gasston gives an early review of Internet Explorer on Xbox 360 including discussion of its HTML5 support.
Internet Explorer on Xbox 360

What is the past, present and future of SVG? Vincent Hardy interview Jon Ferraiolo to find out.
Interview with Jon Ferraiolo


Any comments?

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